Film Production


  • Full Production Capability: We offer end-to-end production services for Feature Films, TV Shows, Documentaries, Reality Shows, and Short Form content. Our expert team manages all stages from pre-production to post-production, ensuring top-tier results.
  • Industry Standard Filming: Equipped with cutting-edge cameras and technology, we are capable of shooting in formats required by both independent projects and major networks like Netflix. Our equipment supports the latest industry standards, ensuring that your content meets the high-quality criteria demanded by these platforms.

Commercial Production


  • Create ad commercial videos(4K/6K Resolution) in 3 formats (1:30 :30 :15).
  • Video edited for TV & Social Media usage.
  • Graphics/Animation included.
  • Male or Female voice over included (optional).
  • Music included.
  • Ad script include (optional).

Ad Placement


  • Build or manage your company‚Äôs Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts.
  • Place media assets and commercial spots on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Additional Services: Place ads on local TV channels or YouTube Pre-Roll ads (Rates/Budget varies).

Campaign Management


  • Create campaigns with commercial spots for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • Manage campaigns and set goals to reach customers.

Note: Budgets for campaigns are set by you the client for your customer reach.